Green Home Ohio specializes in Solatube Daylighting Systems (tubular skylights) rather than traditional skylights. Solatube invented the tubular skylight over 25 years ago and is the market leader for innovation, performance, and quality.  Solatube’s patented tubes have numerous advantages over traditional skylights and other knock-off tubular skylights (also referred to as tubular daylighting device, sun tunnel, sun tubes, etc.) systems.


Traditional Skylights


Solatube Daylighting Systems are designed to fit within your home’s existing framing; therefore, with Solatube, there is no need for reframing, drywall, painting, or mess.  Whereas installation of a traditional skylight can take three days or more, a typical Solatube installation takes only about two hours.


With Solatube’s proprietary Spectralight Infinity reflective tube lining, we can run Solatube systems 20 to 30 feet with limited loss of light.  Traditional skylights rely on painted drywall or wood to bounce the light into your spaces.  This is very inefficient and ineffective on sunny days, but even worse on cloudy days.  Solatube Daylighting Systems can even bend the light at up to 90-degree angles to traverse obstacles in attic spaces while still producing amazing light output.  Depending on attic obstructions and roof/ceiling alignment, a traditional skylight may not be physically possible while Solatube units would work perfectly.  

installing solatube daylighting systems

Complicated attics are no match for Solatube.

Solatube systems are fully customizable to each customer’s unique desires.  Our systems can be dimmed from 100% full light to as little as only 2% light output.  This dimmer evenly dims the light without odd-looking changes to the room lighting.  The electric light add-on provides a 24-hour lighting solution with natural light during the day and electric light for nighttime operation.  Solatube’s Integrated Solar Nightlight (iSN) provides a moon glow during periods of darkness while enabling materials and professional installation to qualify for a 30% Federal Solar Energy Tax Credit.  Traditional skylights do not offer this level of customization and do not qualify for current energy tax credits.

Only Solatube offers 7 unique decorative ceiling fixtures (diffusers) to compliment any decor or room design.  All this at a fraction of the cost of a traditional skylight.  


Benefits of Solatube Daylighting Systems over traditional skylights include:

  • solatube skylight

    Solatube’s minimal roof appearance.

    low roof signature,

  • no-leak roof flashing design
  • no heat / cold transfer = no condensation problems
  • unmatched light transmission even on low light days;
  • no harmful ultraviolet (UV) light transmission into the home to fade floors, rugs, furniture;
  • typically a fraction of the cost of standard skylights;
  • quick, mess-free installation;
  • and many more!  


Other Tubular Skylight Brands

benefits of solatubesolatube daylightingAs occurs with any effective, successful product, Solatube has its share of copycat / imitation tubular skylights, also commonly referred to as sun tunnels, sun tubes, solar tubes, daylight tubes, etc.  It is important to understand that there a many significant differences between the original tubular skylight, the Solatube Daylighting System, and other lesser brands.

The two major variables to consider when evaluating and selecting a tubular skylight are 1) the amount of light that the system collects at the roof and 2) the quality of light that is brought into your home / business.  Solatube is so confident that no other manufacturer can beat it that Solatube is the only one to offer a ‘Highest Performance Guarantee’.  Here is why;

Commitment to Innovation and Constant Improvement

Based in Vista, California, Solatube holds patents on all of the innovations that make it the best tubular skylight / sun tunnel available.  Solatube is constantly developing new products and improving existing products.  To this end, Solatube is the only tubular skylight manufacturer to establish a stand-alone research and development company focused solely on daylighting systems.  Solatube understands that the only way to remain the best in the industry is to constantly improve.  


The Solatube Difference

Gather the Most Light

solatube gathers sunlight

Solatube’s prism dome and full metal roof flashing.

A Solatube Daylighting System has patented prism technology in the dome that gives it twice as much Effective Daylight Capture Surface than a sun tunnel. This technology is called Raybender 3000.  Solatube Daylighting Systems also incorporate the patented Light Tracker, which redirects ambient and direct light into the system’s reflective tubing. This is extremely beneficial during cloudy and winter days. Sun tunnels do not have this technology.  Some brands have made an attempt at replicating Solatube’s prism technology, but none produce the same results.  


Filter the Light

Only the Solatube Daylighting System brightens your spaces without allowing heat or harmful ultraviolet rays in.  This is critical to ensuring floors, carpets, artwork, and furniture do not fade with daily exposure to the sunlight.


Ensure No Leaks

Solatube Daylighting Systems use a heavy gauge, seamless, all-metal flashing to attach the system to the roof, which allows it to be installed on metal roofs, as well on standard roof surfaces.  Solatube technicians are factory-trained and certified.  They follow a specific set of installation steps to ensure each Solatube system has a leak-proof seal.


Transfer the Most Light Into Your Spaces

The most dramatic difference between the Solatube Daylighting System and other sun tunnels or tubular skylights is in the reflective tube material. Solatube lines its daylighting systems with a proprietary surface called Spectralight Infinity. At 99.7% reflectivity, this is recognized as the most reflective material on earth. Because of the amount of light entering the tube through Solatube’s patented dome and this incredibly reflective tubing, Solatube® Daylighting Systems can be run 20 to 30 feet with minimal light loss.  Running Solatube Daylighting Systems through upper floors is not commonplace, but Solatube’s ability to transfer light long distances is why we are able to bring light to lower floors.  Sun tunnels use a considerably less reflective material that cannot effectively transfer light more than a few feet, and their reflective materials actually alter the color of the light as it comes into your home.

benefits of solatube

Enjoy the Best Light

Only Solatube provides spectrum neutral light, which is beneficial to the health of humans, animals, and plants.  Spectrum neutral light has been proven to help combat the effects of depression associated with Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD).  


Personalize Your Daylighting Experience

Solatube offers an assortment of decorative ceiling fixtures that allow you to personalize your daylighting experience with something that not only has exceptional performance but that also complements your home’s décor.  No other daylighting system lets you do this.  Only Solatube Premier Dealers offer Certified Installation from technicians who must meet stringent requirements from Solatube International.


certified solatube installerGreen Home Ohio is a premier distributor and installer of Solatube daylighting and other renewable energy products for residential applications. Our installation technicians will assess an existing home or a proposed design for feasibility to recommend the best products and techniques to make your daylighting dreams a reality.

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