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Meet Solatube’s Revolutionary Daylighting Products

The Solatube 160 DS and 290 DS Daylighting Systems set performance standards never seen before. These models feature our patented Raybender® 3000 Technology and LightTracker™ Reflector to capture nearly double the daylight of copycat products. Highly effective and simple to install, the Solatube Daylighting System will take your space from dark to dazzling in no time.

Solatube installation Columbus, Ohio

Solatube 160 DS Daylighting System: Ingenious Adaptability

The Solatube 160 DS is our most versatile product and one that’s perfect for any room. Easily adaptable for spaces of any size, it can be outfitted with ventilation, dimming, and nighttime lighting options for a customized lighting solution that meets your every need.

• Tube Size ≈ 10 in. (250 mm)
• Great for smaller spaces such as small baths, hallways, and laundry rooms.

160 DS: A basic 160 DS (10-inch unit) starts at $424

Certified Professional Installation for as little as $350

Do-It-Yourself Kits available

Solatube 160 DS Optional Add-ons

Light Add-on Kit – For nighttime lighting
Daylight Dimmer – For adjusting daylight levels

Solatube 160 DS Decorative Fixtures
Classic Vusion – A classically simple design
JustFrost – A clean, contemporary design
TierDrop – A beautiful, cascading design
OptiView – A unique, dazzling lens
AuroraGlo – Available in white or bronze
VividShade – Accents daylight with contemporary fabric

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Solatube 290 DS Daylighting System Columbus, Ohio

Solatube 290 DS Daylighting System: Bigger is Brighter

Boost the brightness in bigger spaces with the Solatube 290 DS. Featuring a larger tube, it brings more light indoors for the brightest experience possible. When you want less light, the optional Daylight Dimmer lets you adjust daylight levels in just seconds.

• Tube Size ≈ 14 in. (350 mm)
• Great for larger spaces such as kitchens, dining rooms, living/family rooms, rooms with high ceilings, top of stairways, garages, etc.

290 DS: A basic 290 DS (14-inch unit) starts at $524

Certified Professional Installation for as little as $350

Do-It-Yourself Kits available

Solatube 290 DS Optional Add-ons

Daylight Dimmer – For adjusting daylight levels
Light Add-on Kit – For nighttime lighting

Solatube 290 DS Decorative Fixtures
Classic Vusion – A classically simple design
JustFrost – A clean, contemporary design
TierDrop – A beautiful, cascading design
OptiView – A unique, dazzling lens
AuroraGlo – Available in white or bronze
VividShade – Accents daylight with contemporary fabric

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ceiling fixtures

Ceiling Fixture

Only Solatube allows you to personalize your daylighting experience with a variety of ceiling fixtures/diffusers, in both round and square shapes. Choose a fixture that complements your personal style and let the sun shine in!

Solar Night Light

Solatube is the only tubular skylight to offer an innovative, integrated Solar Night Light. With rechargeable, replaceable batteries that are powered by the sun, this compact option provides a soft moon glow when the sun goes down. Even better, when the Solar Night Light is included in your Solatube Daylighting System, materials and professional installation can qualify for a 30% Federal Solar Energy Tax Credit. Nighttime lighting AND tax credits? What a deal!

Solar Night Light

Ventilation Add-On Kit Columbus, Ohio

Ventilation Add-On Kit

Solatube Daylighting Systems can easily transform a dark, interior bathroom or laundry room into a bright and beautiful space. But what about the issue of trapped humidity caused by steamy showers or a constantly running washer and dryer? Solatube can handle that too. The Ventilation Add-On Kit combines daylighting and ventilation into one attractive fixture, leaving your rooms humidity-free and your ceiling looking orderly and uncluttered.

  • 160 DS / DSe
  • 290 DS / DSe

This add-on easily attaches to the inside of the system’s tubing to deliver lighting for nighttime use. It also prevents unnecessary clutter on your ceiling because it uses the same space as a Solatube Daylighting System.

Universal Light Add-On Kit

This kit works with LED, compact fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs. The 160 DS kit holds one medium base light bulb up to 100-watt equivalent. The 290 DS kit holds two medium base bulbs.

Daylight Dimmer

Bright sunlight flooding your home is great…unless you want to take an afternoon nap or use your entertainment center in the middle of the day. Never fear. The optional Daylight Dimmer solves this issue. Using a patented butterfly baffle and a convenient wall-mounted switch (sold separately), the Daylight Dimmer lets you adjust room light levels simply and easily.

• 160 DS / DSe
• 290 DS / DSe


Solatube DaylightingSolatube Daylighting


solatube skylightsolatube skylight


installing solatube daylighting systemsinstalling solatube daylighting systems


bathroom skylightbathroom skylight





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Solatube Daylighting System Reviews and Testimonial

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Solatube Daylighting
Average rating:  
 106 reviews
by Kent S of Columbus, Ohio via Home Adviser on Solatube Daylighting
6 tube lights installed in my home! Thanks!

We have 6 other tube lights and the contractor inspected all inside and out, correcting one small installation issue at no additional charge. We will be installing two more next year and correcting ventilation problems in two-bathroom fans. in two incorrectly installed bathroom fans. A knowledgeable contractor and West Point graduate. I know he has my back!

by Jimisha D of New Albany, Ohio via Google and Home Advisor on Solatube Daylighting
The natural daylight system installed in my house looks great!

Todd installed a solatube light in our upstairs hallway and it looks great! I've had some really bad experiences in the past with contractors, painters, etc. I am very cautious in who I hire for home improvement projects. With that said, Todd is amazing! He is not only knowledgeable about his products, but he is reliable, professional, and hard working. He is a man with integrity. If you want solar lights in your house, this is the only company in Columbus that you should use.

by Midge R. of Columbus, Ohio via BBB on Solatube Daylighting
Very pleased with our natural skylight system!

We are very pleased with our three new solatubes. They make a remarkable difference in the amount and quality of light; the night light feature is also very effective. We had solatubes in two previous homes and enjoyed those as well. Todd was on time, every time, and knowledgeable about the products available. I have no hesitation in recommending Green Home Ohio and Todd to everyone who is interested in upgrading their home.

by Sara M of Dublin, Ohio via Google on Solatube Daylighting
Best Solatube Installer!

Todd came out to install a whole house fan and since we had been thinking about doing a skylight in an upstairs, interior bathroom, he talked to me about their Solatube skylight. He said he could do both the same day. We LOVE both, but being that it’s cold outside, we’re getting more out of the skylight at the moment. It makes such a HUGE difference and makes it feel much more light and airy! He also identified some minor things we could do to improve energy efficiency in our home then followed up about it too! I would definitely recommend Todd to anyone and will use them again in the future!

by Judy M of Dublin, Ohio via Google on Solatube Daylighting
Skylights and Solatube installation

Green Home Ohio installed a Solatube in our kitchen. I has made a world of difference bringing natural light into our home. However, what made this even better was the professional approach of the installation team. They were very prompt, finished installation in time suggested and the quality of the installation exceeded my expectations. I wish all contractors took as much time and care when completing projects.

by Louanne M of Dublin, Ohio via Google on Solatube Daylighting
Natural daylight solatube installation!

I love my new light tubes. Todd did a great job of communicating with me throughout the process and installation. I greatly appreciate his attention to every detail. He is a careful and professional in every way. I highly recommend this company.

by Jon T of Dublin, Ohio via Google on Solatube Daylighting
Solatube skylights natural daylight systems

We had Green Home install three Solatubes in our home in May and have been extremely happy with the result. Two of them brought light to our family room which was like a cave even during the day. The third brought light to our back hallway that had no access to natural light. The results were amazing. We no longer have to have lights on during the day. Most of the time at night, the built-in solar night lights are sufficient for getting around if needed. Todd did a very professional job of installing the Solatubes and there have been no issues at all.

by Jackie M of Columbus, Ohio via Google on Solatube Daylighting
Solatube installations in home

Our home is filled with light for the first time. Should have done this years ago! Todd, our installer was professional and courteous. I would highly recommend this product and this company.

by Shan B of Dublin, Ohio via Google on Solatube Daylighting
Fantastic skylights: solatube installation

My mom loves her kitchen now with the solar light. Todd went above and beyond. Highly recommend Green Home Ohio!

by Maureen B via Google on Solatube Daylighting
Thank you for the solatube installation! Love my natural daylighting!

Last week we had two Solatubes installed by Todd at Green Home Ohio. Todd did an excellent job installing the Solatubes and we are extremely happy with the result. We are delighted with the extra light in our kitchen and hallway! It is a bright daylight that varies with cloud cover and time of day--exactly what you would expect from natural light. We also had the nightlights installed, which Todd told us would look like a soft moonlight at night. He was exactly right--the nightlights provide a soft moonlight effect that is just enough to see the cabinets and counter so we don't run into them at night. We highly recommend Todd and Green Home Ohio for Solatube installation.

by Lorrain Wilson on Solatube Daylighting
Solatube installation in my bathroom!

We had Todd put a solar tube lighting in each bathroom. It is so nice to no longer have dark bathrooms that always needed lights on. We believe this will save on our electric bill quite a bit. We were able to take our plug in night lights out also. There is plenty of light from the night light that was installed in this system. Best part, all solar. This company is great. He arrived on time and cleaned up after he was done. You would not have known that he had to cut a hole in the ceiling, no dust left at all. ( I am a clean nut) We saw him installing one in our neighbors hall and immediately had him schedule us for the bathrooms. Our daughter is going to have him do her bathrooms also. Another neighbor came to look at mine today and said she wants to do the same for her mother across the street. I checked BBB and they have an A+ rating there. Totally felt comfortable with him and the whole process. We highly recommend Todd.

by Barbara Ambos on Solatube Daylighting

I love my new solatubes in my previously dark family room. Always had to have a light on for my dogs. Todd was great. Very professional. My room is light today even though it is cloudy!

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