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Indow Storm Window inserts keeps the cold air out and preserves your interior and exterior windows! Stay warm for the winter!

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Columbus Ohio Indow Storm Windows

Green Home Ohio is proud to offer award winning Indow Window Inserts in Columbus Ohio!  dow window inserts are similar to interior storm windows except they install easily without a mounting bracket, using patented compression mounting. Indow window inserts made out of acrylic glazing and edged with our patented Compression Tube. The tubing compresses when pressed inside your window, holding the insert securely in place while sealing out cold drafts and hot air.

Indow window inserts are easy to install and remove. The inserts are composed of custom cut pieces of acrylic glazing edged with our patented Compression Tube. The secret? We laser measure the inside of your window frames to get the exact shape so that we can make your inserts fit just right. That’s important because most window frames are significantly out of square.

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Green Ohio’s mission is to help you reduce your energy bills and improve the quality of life in your home.  We do this by offering award-winning home improvement products and amazing customer service. At Green Home Ohio, we are excited to offer Indow inserts in Columbus Ohio because they supply replacement window comfort, window energy efficiency and quiet windows, but not window replacement cost. Indow inserts also provide outstanding window noise reduction, outperforming/exceeding the performance of many noise reduction windows in window sound deadening. If you are looking for storm windows.

Columbus Ohio homeowners, then consider Indow. Indow  storm window inserts are an interior storm window that is simpler, better looking and provides superior performance than ordinary inside storm windows. Indow window inserts also provide excellent window soundproofing and will turn any window into a noise-reducing window. Learn more about Indow window noise reduction. Indow’s beautiful, sleek design has gained recognition as a Top 10 Product of the Greenbuild Show by Dwell Magazine and a 2014 Product of the Year award by Environmental Leader Magazine. That’s just a sample. That’s just one of the many of the national kudos Indow Windows has been given. We are so excited to now offer them in the Columbus Ohio.

Indow Storm Windows Performance


Custom fit means great performance

Indow window inserts are made out of acrylic glazing and edged with our patented Compression Tube. The tubing compresses when pressed inside your window, holding the insert securely in place while sealing out cold drafts, hot air, and outside noise. The tight seal delivers superior performance and ease of use, making our window inserts an excellent way to insulate your windows.


Flexible compression tubing creates tight seal

The tight seal between the Compression Tube and your window frame provides exceptional window comfort performance, keeping at bay cold drafts and blocking heat during the summer. Indow storm window inserts provide superior comfort no matter the weather or temperature outside.


50-70% Decrease in noise penetrating windows

Hush noise so you can sleep and live comfortably. When placed over operable single-pane windows, Standard Grade inserts dampen noise by up to 10dBA, which equates to 50% noise reduction. Acoustic Grade inserts reduce noise through operable single-pane windows by up to 18.9 dBA, equivalent to a 70%+ reduction. When placed over operable double-pane windows, Acoustic Grade inserts reduce noise by up to 12 dBA, equivalent to more than a 50% reduction in noise and an STC rating of 42 to 45.*

*Overall noise reduction performance depends on how much noise is coming through walls, ceilings, floor, and doors. The window noise reduction will be less when Indow inserts are placed over double-pane windows. Indow inserts are not recommended to reduce noise coming through laminated double-pane windows.


Reduce energy use by up to 20%

A U.S. Department of Energy study found that installing Indow inserts led to a 20% reduction in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning use in a Seattle home.

A separate study by Portland State University’s Green Building Research Lab found similar results from the use of our indoor storm windows. Comparing gas usage before and after installing Indow window inserts in four Portland-area homes, the lab found heating-energy costs were reduced by an average of 19%.



Indow window inserts have 94% of the insulation of standard double-pane windows. The surface of an acrylic Indow insert is much warmer than the surface of a pane of glass, so you’ll feel warmer even if the air temperature in both cases is the same. Increasing the surface temperature of your window space leads to increasing the mean radiant room temperature. This allows you to keep your thermostat at a lower level for ever further increased savings. Read more about this study from the Green Building Lab.

** R Value measures the thermal resistance of a material and its effectiveness at keeping the outside out and the inside in.

Storm windows superior weather sealing stats

Storm windows noise reduction stats

Storm windows save money and energy stats

Storm windows impressive insulation stats

How Do Indow Window Inserts Compare to Storm Windows?

Indow Window storm window performance

Indow Window storm window performance

Patented Indow Window Inserts Now Available in Columbus Ohio!

Drafty room? Noisy neighbors? Indow window inserts are your window solution for keeping peace and warmth in your home. Our window inserts feature patented Compression Tubing to gently press inside your window frame, without the use of mounting hardware or a damaging track system. Best of all, they are laser measured to every window for a perfect fit. We send you a kit with all the tools you need for measuring, and we can ship your order to anywhere in Columbus Ohio.

What to expect from your storm windows?

  • Save 20% on your energy bills
  • Reduce outside noise up to 70%
  • Easy to install as 1,2,3!

Inexpensive Storm Windows in Columbus Ohio

Even if your home has heritage windows that are no longer square, our laser measured inserts are custom made to fit and only take in 3-4 weeks to deliver. Indow inserts cost only $24-$36 a square foot and have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Indow Storm Windows in Columbus Ohio
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Sandy C via Google on Indow Storm Windows in Columbus Ohio
Highly recommended storm window installation!

Ed and I would like to express our complete satisfaction with our experience with Green Home Ohio Columbus. Our project was the purchase and installation of their Indow thermal window inserts. Just as Todd suggested, our downstairs feels so much cooler, and we have been able to set our thermostat higher. In a way, we can't wait for winter. It was a great investment and more cost effective than window replacements. We highly recommend contacting Green Home Ohio.

by Wendy L of Westerville, Ohio via Google on Indow Storm Windows in Columbus Ohio
I really liked my storm window inserts! Thanks!

Todd installed Indow acoustic windows in two bedrooms. The highway noise from [Interstate] I-71 was very loud and kept us from getting a good night sleep. After the Indow windows were installed, we don’t notice the noise and now always get a good night sleep, which is priceless. Todd was excellent to work with. He is very professional, knowledgeable about the product, and I never felt rushed to make a decision. I would recommend him and Green Home Ohio highly.

by Ryan B of Columbus, OH via Google on Indow Storm Windows in Columbus Ohio
Very pleased with my storm window installation!

Very pleased with my experience with Green Home Ohio. Todd is friendly, knowledgeable, and went the extra mile to provide guidance/tips to a new homeowner to improve insulation within my 100+ year old home. Further, I'm impressed with my Indow window inserts, of which Todd installed two in my living room. I live on a busy intersection so I wanted a product that provided both insulation and sound dampening. These inserts have delivered on both qualifications. If you have old windows or would like to improve the acoustics within your home, you should certainly give Green Home Ohio a call!

by Karen V of Galena, OH via Google on Indow Storm Windows in Columbus Ohio
Indow Window inserts allowed me to get a good night's sleep!

We live in close proximity to I71 just north of Polaris. Getting a good night’s sleep was difficult and in the winter with no leaves on the trees close to impossible. Todd came in and fixed all that with the acoustic Indows. He was meticulous from the time he measured our 8 windows until the time all work was done. And we have had excellent night’s of sleep since the installation. I highly recommended Todd and Indows! Todd installed a Solar Tube also in our master bath. It is fabulous to go in day or night and not have to turn on a light! When Todd was done there was no indication of any work being done anywhere. He treated our house like it was his own. Lastly Todd installed an exhaust fan near the shower. I love hot showers and always fogged the mirrors up badly. This fan is about the size of a flood light when you see it. But is very powerful. Thank you again Todd!

by Carol H of Columbus Ohio via Google on Indow Storm Windows in Columbus Ohio
Storm window review in Columbus Ohio

Very good product, good vibes from personnel, and good fast service.

by William K of Columbus Ohio via Google on Indow Storm Windows in Columbus Ohio
Storm window installation in Columbus Ohio

Todd recently installed an indow window in my condominium unit. He was professional, on time, and did a great job. I'd highly recommend his work/Green Home Ohio.

by Anonymous on Indow Storm Windows in Columbus Ohio
Fantastic experience with my storm window installation!

Had a fantastic experience with Todd Tamburino and Green Home Ohio. After another vendor failed to deliver a storm window solution Todd introduced me to the "Indow" product they rep and install. We were on a tight deadline and Todd was great at providing the fastest service possible without overpromising on delivery and installation as that wasn't entirely in his control. But he made it happen and the Indow solution is far better than what we would have ended up with originally. They look great and the difference they make in comfort means we now have a 4-season room we can actually use. Highly recommend both the Indow product and Green Home Ohio. So glad I found them!

by Debi H from Worthington, OH via Angie's List and Better Business Bureau on Indow Storm Windows in Columbus Ohio

We had Green Home Ohio install a Solatube in our bathroom and we just love it! We really like the bright natural light that shines through. It really lets in a lot more light and helps with applying make-up and shaving. The owner does the work, not sub-contractors, and he does an excellent job of both the install and the clean-up afterward. We then had them make us 3 Indows window panels to help with cold, noise and UV exposure from our windows. We can't recommend Green Home Ohio enough! The owner is a West Point graduate and he is very professional. You won't be disappointed!

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