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Indow Acoustic Windows Columbus, OH

Loud neighbors, street noise, or other annoying sounds making your home uncomfortable? Indow Acoustic Window Inserts allow you to silence the undesirable sounds without the very high cost of acoustic-grade replacement windows. The patented compression fit design of the Indow Acoustic Window Inserts is completely trackless, meaning they fit like a cork in a bottle to your window’s existing opening. This is done with a proven laser measurement method and proprietary measurement software developed by Indow. If you are looking for a way to block out 50-70% of the outside noise, this could be a great solution for your home.

Green Home Ohio is proud to offer award-winning Indow Acoustic Window Inserts in Columbus, Ohio! Indow window inserts are interior acoustic windows that install easily, without a mounting bracket, using patented compression mounting. This means that Indow Acoustic Window Inserts are easy to install and remove.

Indow Acoustic Window Inserts are made from glazed acrylic and edged with our patented Compression Tube. The tubing compresses when pressed inside your window, securely holding the insert in place while sealing out cold outside drafts in the winter and hot air in the summer. The secret? Our factory-trained window technicians laser measure the inside of your window frames to get the exact shape and exact size so that we can make your inserts fit just right. That’s important because most window frames are significantly out of square, so a standard square or rectangular window insert would leave gaps to allow outside air into your spaces. Indow Acoustic Window Inserts provide a custom, air-tight fit for every window, even with custom shaped acoustic windows – round, trapezoids, arches, etc.

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Green Home Ohio’s mission is to help you reduce your energy bills and improve the quality of life in your home. We do this by offering award-winning home improvement products and amazing customer service. At Green Home Ohio, we are excited to offer Indow Acoustic Window Inserts in Columbus, Ohio, because Indow window inserts provide the comfort and energy efficiency of quality replacement windows but without
the high replacement window price tag.

In addition to outstanding window noise reduction, Indow Acoustic Window Inserts also provide energy and comfort improvements. In fact, Indow panels outperform many noise reduction windows in deadening outside noise. You can learn more about the Indow Acoustic panel below.

If you are considering replacement windows or storm windows in Columbus, Ohio, consider Indow. Indow Acoustic Window Inserts are an interior storm window that is simpler, better looking and provides superior performance than ordinary exterior or interior storm windows. Indow’s beautiful, sleek design has gained numerous national awards and compliments throughout the building and remodeling industry. Among these many accolades are Top 10 Product of the Greenbuild Show by Dwell Magazine and 2014 Product of the Year by Environmental Leader Magazine. We are so excited to offer them in the Columbus, Ohio, and hope you will contact us to discuss increasing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency with Indow Acoustic Windows.

Indow Acoustic Windows performance

The Best Way To Insulate Windows

Custom fit means great performance

Indow Acoustic Window Inserts can dampen noise by up to 18.9 dBA (over 70% window noise reduction) when placed over operable single pane windows. When placed over operable double-pane windows Acoustic Grade inserts reduce noise by 10 to 12 dBA, equivalent to a 50%+ reduction in noise.

Added benefit of home temperature regulation

In addition to window noise reduction, Indow Acoustic Window Inserts provide excellent thermal insulation and save you money on utility bills. Indow Acoustic Window Inserts will keep the winter cold and summer heat out.

Case Study: Indow Inserts vs. The Trains

Indow Acoustic Window Inserts block the train noise from the railroad tracks right outside of the Indow offices and factory in Portland, OR. Train noise penetrates buildings through the walls, ceilings, doors and especially windows. Soundproofing windows against train noise used to be an expensive and difficult project. Now it’s easy with Indow Acoustic Window Inserts, which easily press inside window frames.

This video was shot in the Indow offices where staff deal with continuous issues with the noise from the trains all day. The installed Indow Acoustic Window Inserts allowed staff to work in peace. No more putting conversations on hold until the trains pass; no more muting the phone during important calls. The rumbling of the passing trains is still felt, but the reduction in noise is huge!

Indow Acoustic Window Inserts are excellent at blocking train noise coming through windows because the patented Compression Tube forms a tight seal with the 1/4”-thick acoustic acrylic. With laser measured precision, there are no cracks or gaps to let the noise through. The final result is that Indow Acoustic Window Inserts do an amazing job blocking the train’s whistle and screeching wheels.

Sound Proofing Your Home with
Indow Acoustic Window Inserts

sound proof window inserts

reduce noise and sound proof your home


Residential soundproofing is on the rise as homeowners confront a variety of outside noises that disturb their peace and sleep.  Fortunately, there are a number of accessible solutions including air sealing, wall insulation, window inserts, acoustic panels, heavy carpets and drapes. Such techniques for soundproofing homes can make your space a refuge from the outside world. So the nearby train doesn’t sound like it’s in your living room. And the traffic under your windows doesn’t make it hard to read or think.

Before starting your home soundproofing project you need to understand how noise is penetrating your home so you can keep it from entering your space.

First Step: Understand How Noise Penetrates Your Home

Noise can penetrate doors, walls, ceilings and other openings in your house. How does this work? Well, sound is energy that’s created when something vibrates. When someone strums a guitar, the vibrating strings make the surrounding air molecules vibrate too. That sound energy then travels outward and penetrate solids.

Insulated walls will work to block sound better than uninsulated walls. A solid wood door will transmit less sound than a hollow one. One key principle is if air can penetrate through the cracks in your home, sound can too. So effective seals and gaskets around doors and windows are important barriers to outside noise.

Windows are typically the primary entry point since noise travels easily through glass and windows typically have many cracks through which noise (and cold drafts) can enter. Insulating your windows from sound isn’t as difficult as you may think. Was your home built before 1950? There’s a good chance you have single-pane windows and those are going to allow more sound to enter your space than new double-panes. But even new double-pane windows, can welcome noise right in with a big “Howdy do!” Never fear: window noise reduction is within reach.

Now, what if your noise problem is mainly caused by upstairs neighbors or the people living in the condo below you? That can be a harder soundproofing problem. It can involve building drop ceilings and floating floors. If you have the budget for it, you might consider hiring an acoustical consultant to come to your home and assess your noise situation. A good resource is the National Council of Acoustical Consultants.

Next Step: Identify Home Soundproofing Solutions

If outside noise is your main problem, there are several ways you can soundproof your house including caulking cracks in your window frames, installing heavy, sound dampening curtains or installing acoustic window inserts that can block 50 to 70% of the noise coming through your windows while also improving comfort and reducing energy bills. Insulating and air sealing your walls and ceiling also dampens noise, improves comfort, and knocks down energy bills. Once you reduce the sound coming through the windows of your apartment or house, you can work to absorb what’s in the room to improve acoustics, everything from upholstered furniture to acoustic panels that absorb noise.

Keep in mind that not all noise is the same. Insulating your windows against sound will work best for higher frequency noises like honking horns, sirens and squeaking brakes. But lower frequency noises like the thumping bass of a passing car or the earth-trembling rumble of a powerful motorcycle can penetrate walls. Lower frequency noise dampening is a bit more tricky.

Set your expectations: you may not be able to create a completely soundproof house. But you can hush the outside world to a large extent, making your home more peaceful.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Find out what our Columbus Ohio customers are saying about Indow Acoustic Window Inserts

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 18 reviews
by Sandy C via Google on Indow Window
Thanks for the Indow Window installation! Totally satisfied!

Ed and I would like to express our complete satisfaction with our experience with Green Home Ohio Columbus. Our project was the purchase and installation of their Indow thermal window inserts. Just as Todd suggested, our downstairs feels so much cooler, and we have been able to set our thermostat higher. In a way, we can't wait for winter. It was a great investment and more cost effective than window replacements. We highly recommend contacting Green Home Ohio.

by Wendy L of Westerville, Ohio via Google on Indow Window
Thanks for installing the Indow window inserts!

Todd installed Indow acoustic windows in two bedrooms. The highway noise from [Interstate] I-71 was very loud and kept us from getting a good night sleep. After the Indow windows were installed, we don’t notice the noise and now always get a good night sleep, which is priceless. Todd was excellent to work with. He is very professional, knowledgeable about the product, and I never felt rushed to make a decision. I would recommend him and Green Home Ohio highly.

by Ryan B of Columbus Ohio via Google on Indow Window
Impressed with Todd's service

Very pleased with my experience with Green Home Ohio. Todd is friendly, knowledgeable, and went the extra mile to provide guidance/tips to a new homeowner to improve insulation within my 100+ year old home. Further, I'm impressed with my Indow window inserts, of which Todd installed two in my living room. I live on a busy intersection so I wanted a product that provided both insulation and sound dampening. These inserts have delivered on both qualifications. If you have old windows or would like to improve the acoustics within your home, you should certainly give Green Home Ohio a call!

by Ryan B of Columbus, OH via Google on Indow Window
Thank you Green Home Ohio for the window insert installation!

Very pleased with my experience with Green Home Ohio. Todd is friendly, knowledgeable, and went the extra mile to provide guidance/tips to a new homeowner to improve insulation within my 100+ year old home. Further, I'm impressed with my Indow window inserts, of which Todd installed two in my living room. I live on a busy intersection so I wanted a product that provided both insulation and sound dampening. These inserts have delivered on both qualifications. If you have old windows or would like to improve the acoustics within your home, you should certainly give Green Home Ohio a call!

by Gabe Howard via Google on Indow Window
Excellent service!

Excellent Service! Excellent product. I recommend this company. I was impressed from start to finish.

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