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Indow window inserts in the Columbus and central Ohio area

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Green Home Ohio is proud to offer the innovative, award winning Indow® window inserts in the Columbus and central Ohio area. Indow window inserts are similar to interior storm windows except they install easily without a mounting bracket, using patented compression mounting. Indow window inserts made out of acrylic glazing and edged with our patented Compression Tube. The tubing compresses when pressed inside your window, holding the insert securely in place while sealing out cold drafts and hot air.

Indow window inserts are easy to install and remove. The inserts are composed of custom cut pieces of acrylic glazing edged with our patented Compression Tube. The secret? We laser measure the inside of your window frames to get the exact shape so that we can make your inserts fit just right. That’s important because most window frames are significantly out of square.

Indow window inserts installed in the Columbus and central Ohio area

“You pop them out and you pop them in. It takes just a second.” Maggie in Portland

Indow window inserts in the Columbus and central Ohio area

Indow window inserts install as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 and they are effortless to remove! The inserts are composed of custom cut pieces of acrylic glazing edged with our patented Compression Tube.  The secret? We laser measure the inside of your window frames to get the exact shape, so that we can custom make your inserts to be the exact right size and shape. That’s important because most window frames are significantly out of square.

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Indow window inserts seal out harsh weather and keep the comfort inside by eliminating drafts and hot air seepage. They also cut heating and cooling bills by 20%* and reduce the noise coming through your windows by 50 to 70%.**


Using flexible compression tubing

The tight seal between the Compression Tube and your window frame provides exceptional performance, keeping at bay cold drafts (or mitigating heat gain during the summer). Indow storm window inserts provide superior comfort no matter the weather or temperature outside.


50-70% Decrease in sound penetration

Hush noise so you can sleep and live comfortably. When placed over operable single-pane windows, Standard Grade inserts dampen noise by up to 10dBA, which equates to 50% noise reduction. Acoustic Gradeinserts reduce noise through operable single-pane windows by up to 18.9 dBA, equivalent to a 70%+ reduction. When placed over operable double-pane windows, Acoustic Grade inserts reduce noise by up to 12 dBA, equivalent to more than a 50% reduction in noise and an STC rating of 42 to 45.*

*Overall noise reduction performance depends on how much noise is coming through walls, ceilings, floors, and doors. You can download an independent STC testing report here.

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Reduce energy use by 20%

A U.S. Department of Energy study found that installing Indow inserts led to a more than 20% reduction in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning use in a Seattle home.

A separate study by Portland State University’s Green Building Research Laboratory found similar results. Comparing gas usage before and after installing Indow inserts in four Portland-area homes, the laboratory found heating-energy costs were reduced by an average of 19%.



Indow window inserts have 94% of the insulation of standard double-pane windows. The surface of an acrylic Indow insert is much warmer than the surface of a pane of glass, so you’ll feel warmer even if the air temperature in both cases is the same.



Indow Window InsertsIndow Window Inserts


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“Todd was extremely professional and knowledgeable. The install went very smoothly and efficiently. They did a great job!”

Nicholson Builders

“Very good product, good vibes from personnel, and good fast service.”

Eydie, Columbus Ohio

We do appreciate all you’ve done. Our new (very old) house is much warmer.

Mike, Grove City, OH

We love our INDOW window storm windows! Todd is super to work with. In fact we had saved his name and number for 2 years before we were ready to use him because we were so impressed meeting him at a home show. Indow is a quality product that was perfect for our situation. The windows have improved our heating immensely and also a plus, it’s really quiet. Highly recommend them!

Cathy H., Plain City, OH

“The New Albany-Plain Township Historical Society had Indows installed in our Ealy House built in 1860. This house is our museum and has no storm windows and we wanted to keep it historic. The Indows are great, when you look across the room you don’t see them. They have cut down on the traffic noise. Mr. Tamburino built custom frames for our basement windows and they look great.”

David Cline - President of NAPT Historical Society

“We are completely satisfied with our decision to choose Indows installed by Green Home Ohio, LLC instead of aluminum storm windows from our local window installer. The first thing we noticed was the look–our 1872 home does not need to be cheapened with aluminum, and the Indows are so seamlessly integrated into the windows that it doesn’t change the historical appeal of the home from the outside at all. The heat upstairs has been a big improvement as well; our daughters’ rooms were cold and drafty previously, but now they can sleep comfortably. Indows are more expensive to have installed than exterior storm windows, but when we considered how easily they could be removed to let in outside air, how easily they could be installed, and how they would not effect the historic look of our home, it was an easy decision. Todd was a complete professional; he worked efficiently and made sure that we were comfortable with removing and replacing the Indows before he left. He was courteous and called when he was coming; we felt at ease knowing we were getting personal and professional installation.”

Allyson R., Medway, OH

“It went very well. Todd got here on time, introduced himself and told me exactly what he was going to do and how long it would take. After he finished, he stated that everything went well. He than told me about a situation in the attic that could be a problem for me in the future when I needed a new roof. I would highly recommend Green Home Ohio to anyone needing their service!”

“I am very happy with my Indow [panels]. The only negative is the up front price (but it’s still way less than replacing the windows). We have already turned our thermostat down 2 degrees, and I don’t feel air coming in from my windows. I am very happy.”

Tina S., Galloway, OH

“Todd recently installed an indow window in my condominium unit. He was professional, on time, and did a great job. I’d highly recommend his work/Green Home Ohio.”

Will K., Columbus, OH

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