Indow Window FAQs

Why Buy Indow inserts?

Q: Why use Indow inserts over purchasing new windows?

Original windows match the home’s character and are difficult to replace without losing the aesthetic – at least not without considerable expense. Our product provides thermal insulation and increases your homes efficiency without construction.

Q: I have old, drafty single pane windows, can Indow inserts help or do I have to buy new windows?

Indow window inserts can help! Adding Indow inserts will boost your current window performance to the equivalence of standard double pane window performance at about 15-20% of the cost.

Design and Function

Q: How do Indow inserts stay in place?

Indow window inserts are held in place with our patented Compression Tube which expands into the space between the custom cut acrylic panel and the window frame.

Q: What colors do Indow inserts come in?

The insert edging currently comes in white, brown and black. The brown is comparable to Benjamin Moore’s French Press.  For large commercial jobs, custom colors are available in any of the Pantone colors.

Q: Why do you use acrylic over film or glass?

Acrylic is strong, light weight, and insulates very well. Acrylic has superior noise muting properties over film and is a better insulator than glass. Most films appear cloudy and are easily pierced by sharp objects. Glass is heavy and can shatter or chip easily. Indow inserts, made from acrylic sheets, are far easier to handle and store than glass.

Q: Acrylic glazing? I’m concerned with how acrylic will look in my window frame.

Acrylic is highly transparent and allows more light transmission than glass. When Indow inserts are installed, they are almost unnoticeable.

Q: How noticeable are Indow inserts?

Unlike cloudy film glazes and bulky framed interior storm windows, Indow inserts are frameless, composed of highly transparent acrylic glazing and practically disappear from sight when installed into a window frame.

Q: What are the Safety Chains used for?

Safety chains are used in the event of high wind pressure from the outside of leaky exterior windows. Indow inserts create such a tight fit that air pressure can build up and work to push the insert out. They are low-profile ball chains that are hidden in the air pocket between your Indow insert and primary window. During high wind events, some of your Indow inserts might vent air pressure in the corner or along a side. This is normal and you can simply push the corner or side back into place. The safety chains are designed to prevent the Indow from falling completely out of the window frame, which is unlikely to happen.

Q:  What if I want to open any of my windows while Indow inserts are installed?

Indow inserts remove easily and re-install just as easily.

Q: How do I remove and re-install Indow inserts? Is this difficult?

Indow inserts remove and install very easily. Remove by simply pulling the small tab and unhooking the safety chain (if present). Re-install by lining each corner up with the window frame and pressing it into place. Tip: We generally try to put the bottom corners in first to align the Indow, and then the top corners followed by the top and sides.

Q: Will the inserts trap condensation?

Thermal window inserts should greatly reduce or entirely eliminate condensation on existing single or double pane windows. The Compression Tube effectively stops warm moist air from reaching the glass. Most clients find that they can see outside their kitchens for the first time during dinner in the wintertime. There will be times when the acrylic will start to fog up but not nearly as severe as the glass would. If condensation is repeatedly appearing inside the glass or fogging up the acrylic, then there is most likely an existing condition in the wall that should be addressed and remedied.

Q: How do I tell which Indow insert goes into which frame?

We use a laser engraver to mark the backside of the bottom left corner of each Indow insert to denote which window frame the Indow corresponds to. Our numbering system starts on the left immediately entering the house at #1, proceeding from left to right. Each room is also individually denoted.

Q: Can you mount them on the outside?

Indow inserts are made for the interior of your home.

Q:  Do you make Indow inserts for screen doors?

Indow does not currently manufacture inserts for screen doors.

Benefits and Performance

Q: What type of benefits/savings do Indow inserts provide?

Indow inserts provide the following benefits:

  • Delivers energy savings equivalent to a standard double pane window at 15%-20% of the cost
  • Features a low profile design that almost disappears when installed, allowing your home’s own beauty to shine through
  • Allows you to preserve your existing windows, which is often aesthetically preferable to even a high quality, high price double-pane upgrades
  • Reduces sound transmission by 50 to 70% when placed over single-pane windows and by 33 to 50% when placed over double-pane windows
  • Designed for easy installation and removal for cleaning or storage.  The initial installation for most homes or businesses can be done in less than two hours, without the disruption, expense, and worries about lead paint that accompany a window replacement construction project
  • Generates a 10% to 30% return on investment to you per year through reduced energy bills
  • Enhances your home’s resale value, preserving the initial investment
Q: I live in a noisy urban area; will Indow inserts help reduce any of the noise?

Standard Grade Indow inserts will reduce noise coming through single-pane windows by up to 50%, Acoustic Grade inserts dampen sound by up to 70% when placed over single-pane windows. Acoustic Grade inserts reduce noise coming through double-pane windows by 50%.  This is one of the most important benefits for many of our customers! Demonstration

Q: Will Indow inserts add any benefits to double pane windows?

Indow inserts added to your double-pane windows will give you triple-pane performance by boosting efficiency, blocking drafts, and significantly reducing noise. Our Acoustic Grade inserts will reduce the amount of noise coming through double-pane windows by 50%.

Q: Where would you recommend Museum Grade (UV filtering) & Commercial Grade (scratch resistant)?

Many clients order Museum Grade for areas where direct sunlight is a concern to protect furniture, art, carpets or kids from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. Commercial Grade is generally ordered for areas near the kitchen sink where it will be washed or wiped off more often or removed frequently. A pet or child with a sharp object will still be able to damage Commercial Grade Indow inserts.

Q: Will Indow inserts add to my mold problems?

Window mold is generally caused by window condensation. Condensation happens when moist air comes into contact with a colder surface, such as a window. Indow inserts help prevent window condensation through insulating the warm home air from the cold outer windowpane.

Q: Will the inserts trap condensation?

Indow window inserts should greatly reduce or entirely eliminate condensation on existing single or double pane windows. The Compression Tube effectively stops warm moist air from reaching the glass. Most clients find that they can see outside their kitchens for the first time during dinner in the wintertime. There will be times when the acrylic will start to fog up but not nearly as severe as the glass would. If condensation is repeatedly appearing inside the glass or fogging up the acrylic, then there is most likely an existing condition in the wall that should be addressed and remedied.

Q: I’ve had exterior storm windows in the past and wasn’t satisfied with their performance.  Will Indow inserts be able to outperform storm windows?

Exterior storm windows are designed to protect against rain and, sometimes, against strong winds. Indow inserts are designed to insulate windows from cold and heat, reduce sound transmission and provide better thermal and acoustical insulation than traditional storm windows. If you’ve used exterior storm windows in the past, you’ll easily be able to feel/see the difference with Indow inserts.

Q: What is “R Value”?

R-value measures the thermal resistance of walls, windows, and other parts of a building. An Indow insert combined with a single pane window provides 94% of the thermal insulation of a standard double pane window. Look closer


Q: How long do Indow inserts last?

Indow inserts have no moving parts, the acrylic will remain transparent, and the silicone tubing is extremely resilient, allowing Indow to offer a limited lifetime warranty. Check out the Indow residential warranty or Indow commercial warranty for more detailed information.

Q: Doesn’t acrylic turn yellow over time?

The acrylic we use to make our inserts does not yellow, crack or discolor from exposure to UV radiation or simple aging.

Q: Doesn’t acrylic scratch very easily?

If not cared for properly, especially with storage and cleaning, acrylic can scratch. Many scratches can be buffed out with an acrylic repair kit. If scratching is a concern, we offer a Commercial Grade Indow that has a durable, scratch resistant coating. In practice, we have had very, very few customers ever express any issues with scratching.

Q: How durable is the edging and will it fade?

The edging is similar to the material used to make silicone oven mitts and cooking spatulas. It was chosen for its durability and it will not fade from exposure to UV or be affected by heat or cold.

Q: Will the acrylic crack?

The acrylic glazing has a high strength to weight ratio and will not crack if handled properly.

Q: Will the inserts warp or bow under high temperatures?

The acrylic is fine up to a normal operating temperature of 160 degrees F. Even under exposure to hot water in environments such as home showers (where temperature goes to 120 F), the inserts will continue to perform without issue.

Where They Work and Where They Do Not Work

Q: Which types of windows/frames will Indow inserts work with?

Indow inserts can be fitted to square, rectangular and other polygonal windows. Each window frame is precisely measured which allows us to create the precise shape of your window even if the window is not perfectly square. Custom shapes such as arched windows are available in select markets. For a proper fit, there must be an unobstructed flat edge within your window frame with a depth of at least 5/8” that runs the entire perimeter of the window.

Q: In what types of windows will Indow inserts NOT work?

Indow inserts are not appropriate as the primary windows for screen porches. Our inserts always mount inside existing windows. We also do not install our inserts inside sliding glass doors. Finally, we do not recommend Indow inserts for Recreational Vehicles. Due to the flexing of the vehicles when they go over bumps, etc, the inserts might fall out.

Q: Will Indow inserts work with curved windows?

Indow inserts can accommodate all sort of special shapes on a flat plane, such as circles, arches, polygons, and more. Indow is not made for curved windows on a radius, such as in a circular tower that need to be installed on a curved plane. If there is room in the sill to install the insert flat, we may still be able to assist. If you are unsure about your situation please contact us for a free consultation.

Q: My windows are not standard size; can I still use Indow inserts?

Yes, each Indow insert is custom made to fit each window.

Q: My windows are out of square.  Will Indow inserts still work?

Indow inserts work very well with out of square windows without any modification to the windows themselves.

Q: What’s the largest window size Indow inserts will work in?

Size restrictions have many variables according to width, height, window function and air leakage. If you have windows larger than the sizes we currently offer, please call to inquire. We may be able to meet your needs.

Q: Will Indow inserts work with my blinds and curtains?

Indow inserts will work with various window treatments if the curtains or blinds are mounted to the face of the window frame rather than to the inside.

Q: Is there any construction required for installing Indow inserts?

Aside from the safety chains, which install with one screw, there are no additional nails, adhesives, or screws involved in the installation and no construction required to the window frame itself.


Q: What do I do with my Indow inserts in the summer?

Indow inserts can stay in place through the summer!  If you are running an air conditioner, Indow inserts will lower your energy bill and help keep your house cooler and quieter in the summertime. With or without A/C, Indow inserts will reduce heat gain in the summer keeping your home cooler.

Q: Are there any benefits to using Indow inserts in the summer?

Yes, using your Indow inserts with your air conditioner will lower your energy bill and help keep your house cooler and quieter in the summertime. Indow inserts can help keep homes without air conditioning cooler also. Tip: At night position a very large fan pointing out of one window. Open several other windows on opposing walls to draw cool air in through. In the morning, before it gets hot, pop your Indow inserts back into place. Your house will stay much cooler!

Upkeep & Care

Q: I see fog or moisture collecting on the inside of Indow inserts, what do I do?

Indow inserts almost always dramatically reduce condensation on the original single (or double) pane windows.   If condensation does occur, it often indicates a problem with moisture build up in the walls.

Q: How do I clean my Indow inserts?

Indow inserts can be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth with or without a mild soap mixture. See our Care Guide.

Q: Can I repair scratches?

In some cases, it may be possible to lessen the appearance of scratches by using a plastic polish such as Novus 2 or 3 which can be found at most major hardware stores. Be careful to follow the manufacturer’s directions as the incorrect use may damage your Indow insert.

Q: How do I store my Indow inserts?

Many Indow inserts can be left in place year round. If an Indow insert is removed for an extended period, proper storage is essential. We make high quality custom-fitted, clear storage sleeves made from a 5mm nylon-poly blend. If you choose to make your own sleeves be sure to consider the abrasiveness of the material to avoid scratching. The best option is to store them flat on the floor with the largest on the bottom, no more than 3 high to prevent bowing or warping.


Q: My new Indow window inserts have a smell? What should I do?

Sometimes Indow window inserts have a “new car smell” that will dissipate. If you find the smell bothersome, you can temporarily store your inserts in a large, well-ventilated room until the odor is gone.

Q: Will Indow hold my inserts for a few weeks so any “new car smell” can dissipate at the factory?

Yes. Indow is happy to hold inserts for several weeks before shipping them. Just make this preference clear during the purchase process.

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