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Homeowners know that home energy costs are major expenses in the household budget and, anything you can do to lower your energy costs helps in the long run. A household’s energy efficiency depends on things like lighting, heating, cooling, insulation, window fittings, and proper seals to ensure valuable temperature control isn’t lost or wasted.

Green Home Ohio has partnered with some of the most most trusted home energy service contractors in Ohio with years of experience in home energy audits and providing solutions for almost any need. Call us to learn more and to get started down the path of increased comfort and energy savings.

In most cases, Green Home Ohio’s professional partners can consult with you virtually or in your home, recommend the right home energy solutions, and complete the installation in no time at all.

Home Energy Assessments and Audits Columbus, Ohio

Improving your home’s energy efficiency is more than simply adding attic insulation. Heating, cooling, appliance efficiency, insulation, and weatherization are all terms that most homeowners are familiar with; however, air flow is a key variable to your home’s efficiency. Air flow is associated with leaky windows, insufficiently insulated attics, and doors that leak air, but air flow is much more than that. All of your home’s small air leaks can add up to the equivalent of having 1, 2, or 3 windows open in your home.

Our preferred energy efficiency partner is an award-winning Columbus-based family business and is Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified. They are part of a very select group to be part of both the AEP In-Home Energy Program and the Columbia Gas Home Performance Solutions Program. Using the latest technologies coupled with a thorough knowledge of building efficiency, they provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your home to pinpoint where it is losing energy, as well as developing a detailed plan to improve overall efficiency.

Energy Auditing was chosen as the place to start in this field because to save energy, you need to know exactly where you’re starting, as well as what issues you have with heating, cooling, appliances, insulation, weatherization, and air flow.

Our Home Energy Assessments and Audits can help you understand your home’s energy consumption and give you options that can save you time and money, not to mentioned provide a more comfortable living environment. We offer a basic Energy Assessment, as well as three additional levels of detailed energy audits.

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Aeroseal Duct Sealing Columbus, Ohio

Aeroseal Duct Sealing is a patented breakthrough technology that tackles leaks from the inside out. Aeroseal software allows the technician to accurately measure the duct leakage in residential homes and commercial buildings and then to effectively close the leak(s). Energy savings resulting from reducing leakage vary based on climate, utility rates, and your heating and cooling system. Regardless of those conditions, the other goals of uniform temperatures in all rooms, improved indoor air quality, and reduction of odors and fumes will be achieved. In commercial building applications, Aeroseal solves airflow and ventilation issues in commercial buildings, too, in addition to providing energy savings.

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Attic Insulation Columbus, Ohio

Insulation reduces heat transfer through your home’s ceiling, floors, and walls. Attics are often the easiest place to insulate because they provide easy access for the installation of additional insulation, which often make this a very cost-effective measure. Excessive air infiltrating the home through small gaps and crevices wastes approximately 25% of a typical home’s energy. Our partner’s Home Air Sealing services will stop the air leaks, resulting in a more comfortable environment and lower energy bills.

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