Is a Solatube Right for You?


Solatube invented the tubular skylight in the 1980s and is the industry leader. The tubular skylight was invented by Solatube in the 1980s, but many homeowners are just now learning about them and how Solatube systems can transform their homes from dull to dazzling.  One reason for the increased familiarity with Solatube and [...]

6 Reasons to Use a Solar Attic Fan


Sunlight beats down on rooftops every day of the year. Whether a bright, cloudless day or a humid, overcast day, those rooftops absorb solar radiation and transfer heat energy into attics and crawlspaces. Attic heat can build up quickly and reduce the efficiency of air cooling systems in the summer months. In winter months, attics can [...]

5 Ways a Solatube Daylighting System Will Improve Your Bathroom


Condensation will gather on and drip from a skylight's glass, staining walls and rotting wood. Homeowners who attempt to brighten their bathrooms with traditional skylights may be disappointed with the results. Steam from showers can build up on traditional skylights, reducing the amount and quality of daylight entering the room. Even the best [...]

Solatube Daylighting Systems vs. Other Daylighting Options


Green Home Ohio specializes in Solatube Daylighting Systems (tubular skylights) rather than traditional skylights. Solatube invented the tubular skylight over 25 years ago and is the market leader for innovation, performance, and quality.  Solatube’s patented tubes have numerous advantages over traditional skylights and other knock-off tubular skylights (also referred to as tubular daylighting device, sun [...]

The Type of Roof You Have Matters for Lighting


Homeowners typically do not think about their home’s roof unless they have a problem with it –a leak, storm damage, missing shingles, etc. Roofs are also typically an afterthought or project line item during construction or home renovation.  Consequently, many homeowners default to their builder’s or architect’s recommendation on roofing styles and materials.  Rather than [...]

Finding that Perfect Holiday Gift – Give the Gift of Light!


It’s that magical time of year again! While we may welcome the holiday festivities, trying to find the perfect gift for each person on our shopping list can be stressful, which reduces the enjoyment of the holiday season. Let’s not forget dealing with large crowds and an increasing array of products that gift recipients may [...]