Sunlight beats down on rooftops every day of the year. Whether a bright, cloudless day or a humid, overcast day, those rooftops absorb solar radiation and transfer heat energy into attics and crawlspaces. Attic heat can build up quickly and reduce the efficiency of air cooling systems in the summer months. In winter months, attics can trap moisture that can result in greater long-term problems such as mold, mildew, and ice dams. Active ventilation systems like attic fans are a perfect solution to summertime and wintertime attic problems. Solar powered attic fans are the preferred green-energy option for efficient year-round operations.

Building experts point to at least six reasons to select a solar attic fan:solar powered attic fans

  1. Solar Attic Fans are Efficient.

Solar powered attic fans harness the FREE energy from the sun and do not rely on expensive power from the local electrical grid. They will operate even when electrical power goes out and will continue to operate when the sunlight and heat are the most intense, when temperatures and the sun’s radiation are at their highest.


  1. Solar Attic Fans are Cost Effective.

The cost of a solar attic fan is one time, with no recurring expenditures. This means the materials and installation costs are the only financial expenditures a homeowner incurs. Unlike solar attic fans, which have a zero operating cost, electric-powered attic fans can consume almost $200 of electrical energy every year. For the 2017 tax year, homeowners who install solar attic fans can qualify for a 30% Solar Energy Tax Credit on the cost of materials and professional installation. This credit reduces the upfront cost of the solar attic fan and makes its cost effectiveness even more attractive.


  1. Solar Attic Fans have almost no Carbon Footprint.

Because they rely strictly on solar energy, solar attic ventilation fans draw no power from an electrical grid. Therefore, these fans place no additional loads on fossil-fuel fired power plants. A homeowner can enjoy the benefits of a solar attic fan without increasing the home’s carbon footprint.


  1. Solar Fans are Wireless.

Homeowners can install solar attic fans without running any additional electrical wiring in their attics or crawlspaces. This makes them particularly ideal for older homes that have lower electrical power services and for structures whose designs/layout make running new wiring would be more difficult. Solar attic fans are self-contained with solar collectors, electrical storage cells (if equipped), and motor units all combined into a single unit.


  1. Solar Attic Fans are Virtually Maintenance-Free.

Once a solar attic fan is installed, a homeowner can all but forget about it. The fan will continue to operate for many years with no special maintenance or repair requirements. Airflow through the fan typically keeps it clear of cobwebs and other contaminants that can hinder a traditional electric attic fan operations.


  1. Solar Attic Fans are Reliable.

The newer generation of solar attic fans, including Solatube’s Solar Star attic fans, are highly-rated for reliability and functionality. Their brushless direct current motors reduce the number of moving parts in the unit, and their self-contained structures eliminate problems common to other systems that have separate solar collection panels and power systems.


Attic fans can reduce a home’s high summertime energy bills while protecting its attic or crawlspace from degradation due to heat and, in the winter, moisture buildup. Green Home Ohio is a Premier Dealer for Solatube products, including Solar Star attic fans.

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