Solatube Daylighting Systems vs. Other Daylighting Options


Green Home Ohio specializes in Solatube Daylighting Systems (tubular skylights) rather than traditional skylights. Solatube invented the tubular skylight over 25 years ago and is the market leader for innovation, performance, and quality.  Solatube’s patented tubes have numerous advantages over traditional skylights and other knock-off tubular skylights (also referred to as tubular daylighting device, sun [...]

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The Type of Roof You Have Matters for Lighting


Homeowners typically do not think about their home’s roof unless they have a problem with it –a leak, storm damage, missing shingles, etc. Roofs are also typically an afterthought or project line item during construction or home renovation.  Consequently, many homeowners default to their builder’s or architect’s recommendation on roofing styles and materials.  Rather than [...]

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The Secret to Window Noise Reduction


How sound infiltrates windows. To many people, their homes are a place of safety and comfort. Unfortunately, outside factors can impact the interior comfort level. Noise from vehicles, sirens, neighbors, and other sources are a significant cause of reduced comfort inside one’s home.  In essence, noise is a pressure wave that travels through [...]

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Why You Need an Attic Fan in Winter


Attic fans are best known for their effectiveness in helping cool a house down during  summer months. Heat and humidity will build up in attics that are poorly ventilated, placing a blanket of warm air over a house that can counteract the efforts of air conditioning and other cooling systems. However, few homeowners realize the [...]

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We have discontinued providing Solatube and Indow products and services.

If you are interested in these products, please contact the manufacturer(s) at:

Solatube - 888.765.2882

Indow - 503.284.2260

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